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James Philbin

Over 15 Years ExperIence

The Cavalry is Here


James Philbin

User Experience Architect

I love to create intuitive and aesthetically pleasing customer experiences that exceed client expectations.

• Experience collaborating with account, creative and technology teams to achieve customer satisfaction and business goals
• Capable of identifying and resolving quality, accessibility and usability issues
• Skilled at turning concepts, designs and customer needs into design and development blueprints



James Philbin
User Experience Architect, Creative Director, Sports fan


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James is a definite rockstar IA and it’s been a pleasure to work with him. He is passionate about his work and it shows. If you hand off something to James, and your team follows his lead, you can be assured your client will get a darn good digital deliverable. Very simply stated, James “gets it”
— Meghan Lopresto - Director, Customer Engagement Strategy at Boehringer Ingelheim
On every new project at Havas, I looked forward to working with James. A clear master of the digital landscape, he got how to make everything work beautifully for the user. James was able to communicate ideas clearly, often educating about a bleeding-edge product or award-winning website.

James also has the rare talent of being able to explain extremely complex ideas in a concise and easy-to-follow way. He’s great in front of both clients and internal teams.
— Joel Savitzky - Creative Director, Head of Graphic Design, APAC at CBRE
James is the total package in UX. He understands the fundamentals of IA but isn’t limited to them. He understands the bigger picture - the brand strategy and the holistic user experience cross-channel or program.

James and I have worked together at 3 agencies building programs and selling them in to clients and he knows how to own a room. I’d recommend him for any number of opportunities and would definitely enjoy the chance to work with him again.
— John Leone - SVP Strategy, IOMEDIA
James is an extremely talented information architect. He always bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table in the area of user experience. He is intuitive and is also a great researcher for idea generation and design conceptualization.

Working hand-in-hand with our designers and account executives he assisted in delivering creative that ensured optimum client satisfaction. James is capable of meeting any hard deadline. James is a real multi-talented grace under pressure kind of guy, and would be an invaluable member of any interactive team.
— Jess Lam - Associate Creative Director at HAVAS LYNX
James is will do whatever it takes to get the job done right. I personally interviewed and hired James, so I can honestly say that he exceeded my expectations once he got on the job. James adds a unique, and often invaluable perspective to every project that he touches. He isn’t afraid to speak up and say the unpopular thing if he knows that it is the right thing to do.
— WILLIAM FERNANDEZ - Strategist, Creator & Producer of Digital/Multimedia Experiences
James is eager to understand the “big picture” and appreciates the importance of considering issues from a number of perspectives while at the same time, he puts his ego aside, rolls up his sleeves, and produces results.
— BRIAN BARTH - eCommerce Digital Marketing at Surefit
The buck stops with James. Action-oriented, results-driven, people-focused, efficient, and technologically brilliant, he drives projects home every time. James is a pleasure to work with because he doesn’t quit until he gets results.



Wireframes, user flows, information architecture, prototypes, and more. My services all focus upon deliverables that allow my clients to create engaging and useful applications across many different devices.

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About Me


I live on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.  I started working in IT shortly after high school, which lead to programming front-end websites and flash development.  I have also worked in enterprise architecture and  quality assurance.